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    Mentor Konzult is an advisory and consultancy company based on long-time experience and contacts of its founder- in the public as well as in the private sector, mainly in the financial area.

    Mentor Konzult works, in terms of GDPR, as a Data Protection Officer for several renowned companies.

     Mentor Konzult cooperates with a team of experts covering various legal areas, including related activities, such as accountancy and tax services-combined with advocacy, „under one roof“. Mentor Konzult cooperates closely with the Association of Securities Dealers.

    Mentor Konzult is a member and its founder works as a personal advisor for the international group of law firms, advisory and audit companies, tax advisors and appraisals - Cambell´s Advisory Group.

    The company is insured against possible damages caused by its activities, and that up to the amount of 100.000 EUR.